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Mobile Advertising


Our mobile site is specifically designed to display well on any smart phone. Because a mobile site is actually a different version of a website, both the content and the ads display differently.

We keep our mobile options simple because mobile users want their information easy and fast.

We offer a high-impact prestitial ad and three 320x50 positions on our mobile site: a top, an inline and bottom banner.

These formats look good on all mobile device screens, and ensures users see your message.

Size: 300x50
Rate: $75 CPM (3 Month Min.)

Size: 300x50
Rate: $75 CPM (3 Month Min.)

Size: 300x250
Rate: $75 CPM (3 Month Min.)

Size: 300x250
Rate: $120 CPM (3 Month Min.)

Prestitials are well-known to be high-impact and generate very high click rates. A prestitial displays as a full page for 15 seconds whenever a user goes to our site, regardless of which page they enter on. Users are given the option to skip past the prestitial.

Designing an ad for a mobile site is different than designing for desktop. A few best practices:

  • Limit copy to just a few words
  • Link only to another mobile-optimized site or responsive landing page (More Info)
  • JPG or GIF only
  • Use simple imagery
  • Make it clear what action you want a user to take when they see your ad
  • Make button larger than normal
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